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Mora in the Word

God is so good!

On Tues August 5th we received a prophecy over us that Jesus was coming to our house and it was for our good and He was observing what we needed.  I wasnt exactly sure at that time what it meant but very soon i knew exactly what it meant. The next evening we received a phone call from a lawyer in which he informed us that the bank who held the ownership of the building wanted us out in 8 days!!!!! Now I knew what the prophecy meant, God was about our business, HE WAS IN THE HOUSE TAKING CARE OF EVERYTHING!!

And that is exactly what he did!! He sent someone to buy out the thrift store and they packed everything and took it away and gave us a week to move the church to a new temporary location on a members property!!!

The other half of the prophecy was that rest was coming!!! No more thrift store 6 days a week means REST!!!

We are very excited to see all God has in store for us personally and for the ministry.

Thank you to all the people who helped out this week!! You were Heaven Sent and we thank God for you!!!

Come visit us at our new church location 4111 Ryals Rd Zephyrhills, FL 

Services Sunday at 2pm, Monday and Wednesday at 7pm

God Bless you


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