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Pastor Rick Mora

Pathway to Victory Ministries

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Pathway to Victory Ministries

Pastor Rick Mora accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior on January 7, 1998 in Calif. Soon afterward he married his first wife Sue and in a short time they moved to Florida. They started their family with a beautiful little girl named Lindsay. After Lindsay was born they moved to New Port Richey, Florida and started attending Calvary Chapel Worship Center. Rick was very passionate about his relationship with Christ and looked for ways to serve the Lord. He helped out in various ways in the church as he went through their Bible School and earned his degree and was licensed as a minister of the gospel. He was then on staff at Calvary Chapel Worship Center for eight yea rs as a Pastor. After these wonderful years at Calvary Chapel Worship Center the Lord led Rick and his wife to begin a new church. This was exciting and thrilling for Rick to walk in his full calling as a pastor. It was not too long after this move of faith when, Rick’s wife Sue became ill with cancer. Rick closed the new church in order to take care of his wife and his daughter during this time in their lives. After the Lord took Sue home, Rick spent the next few years serving at several churches and endeavoring to be both a mother and a fathe r to a young teena ge girl who was having a struggle dealing with her mother’s death. Many trials and tribulations came after his wife’s death, but still Rick kept his eyes on the Lord and on the calling that the Lord had put on him. In September of 2008, Rick was studying the Word of God at Panera bread with his daughter at his side working on a church website. Little to his knowledge that day his life and Lindsay’s life would change forever.  Into Panera Bread a women Pastor walked in who had been waiting for the Lord to bring her husband for 13 years. It took them only 2 days till they were sure that they were meant to join their lives together and called to minister together in a little Church in St Petersburg, FL. They were married on Nov 15, 2008 and are looking forward to fulfilling the vision and the calling that God has placed before them.


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